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The Bud Black single tea is the classic European black tea.

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Infusion time 2 minutes
Water temp 90 degrees
Q.ty per person gr. 2-2,5 grams

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 The Single Bud Black tea like all black teas has a high content of polyphenols which contributes to its aromatic flavor, its spring buds are fluffy and golden. Its bouquet is aromatic rich dark chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts a very sugary liqueur but with hints of plant sap, a sweet body but with a citrus finish.

provenance: China

indicated for more infusions 2-3

It is advisable to use sodium-free water, preferably in a glass or porcelain cup.

* - * - * being a product of natural origin and handmade, the photos are indicative only * - * - *

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