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Tea Tieguan Yin is the most famous in China, appreciated all over the world.

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Infusion time 5 minutes
Water temp 90 degrees
Q.ty per person gr. 2-2,5 grams

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This oolong tea is the most famous of China, the typical production areas of this tea are located in the province of Fujian and Taiwan. Tie Guan Yin means iron deity of mercy (the goddess of mercy in Chinese Buddhism). The beautiful leaves appear as small balls rolled in a non-homogeneous way but that at the first infusion reveal a very large leaf. GuanYin tea like all oolong is characterized by a very low degree of oxidation, so it has a low tein content, but rich in mineral salts. Its floral bouquet reveals the sweet vegetal freshness, without astringency with a fruity finish.

provenance: China

indicated for multiple infusions of 5-6

It is advisable to use sodium-free water, preferably in a glass or porcelain cup.

* - * - * being a product of natural origin and handmade, the photos are indicative only * - * - *

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