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Special Song Zhen Black Tea, pamper yourself with a cup of black tea and let your mind and body benefit from the wholesome experience.

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Infusion time 2 minutes
Water temp 90 degrees
Q.ty per person gr. 2-2,5 grams

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Special Song Zhen Black Tea is delicious even for those who do not drink black tea. Song Zhen means "pine needle", which refers to the shape of its long pale brown leaves, the tender and delicate leaves are harvested in early spring. This classic tea has a combination of flavors: slightly malty, woody, with a delicate aroma of hazelnuts, fruity with delicious vegetal and floral notes and a delicious honey aftertaste. The most popular black tea in the world for good reason offers a very intense aroma for the tea lover as it is completely oxidized.

provenance: China

indicated at more infusions 4-5

It is advisable to use sodium-free water, preferably in a glass or porcelain cup.

* - * - * being a product of natural origin and handmade, the photos are indicative only * - * - *

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